My first irish stout: one week later

My First Irish Stout

It’s been a week since I bottled my first irish stout. As I most always do, I’m giving the beer an early taste. It still won’t be ready for at least another two weeks, but I like to taste it a week in to see how the flavours are developing and to make sure there are no signs of spoilage.

The last beer I brewed – a pumpkin ale – was a complete and utter failure. It had a funky smell when I bottled it. After tasting it a week in, my fears were confirmed. Luckily, this stout looks much more promising. It’s not spoiled, and while it still tastes young, it shows signs of promise:

  • Carbonation is light, but seems to be on the right track at this stage.
  • Colour looks beautiful. Just as dark as a Guinness.
  • Aroma is very much what you’d expect from a stout.
  • Taste is still young (i.e., not something I’d want to serve to anyone). It’s yeasty, presumably because there’s still a lot of yeast in suspension. But if the taste should move closer to what the aroma offers, this beer should be in good shape in the next two or three weeks.

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